GIS Applications (Viewers)


General Plan Map Viewer - ARCGIS

This preliminary viewer is subject to change. The intent of developing a General Plan viewer is for its use by decision makers, including its diagrams or maps, to coordinate land use and infrastructure decisions. At the same time, given the long-range nature of a General Plan, its text and maps should be general enough to allow a degree of flexibility in decision making as conditions change.



This viewer(s) provides customized layers for public use. The map will open in a smaller window. Expand the window and refresh. Documentation available under about this service. Provides buffering tools, lookup, identify, measuring tools, and street view.


Elections Viewer - ARCGIS

The Elections Viewer provides information on polling sites and voter precincts based on address identification and queries. It also provides polling site, voter precinct, community service area, and tax rate area layers based on current elections data.


Tax Parcel Lookup Application - ARCGIS

Replaces the old IMS Parcel Information Retrieval viewer. This map may open in a smaller window. Expand the window and refresh.